It’s time for Corey Stewart to RESIGN.

According to InsideNova, four Republican Prince William County Supervisors(Anderson, Lawson, Candland and Nohe) along with the County Sheriff (Hill) are all supporting Stewart’s opponent Ed Gillespie for Governor of Virginia.

Finally the tide is finally turning as Republicans realize that aligning themselves with Corey Stewart is political suicide. Could it be the results from the most recent special election that have them acting in this manner? Perhaps. Regardless, it’s been a long-time coming but hopefully this County can finally put the divisive nature of Chairman Stewart behind us. Mr. Corey Stewart is not only the wrong candidate for Virginia BUT he’s the wrong candidate for Prince William County. His recent vocal support of the Confederate Flag have given rise to calls for him to step down from his current position as Chair. One can hope he heeds those calls and would allow Prince William County Residents the opportunity to put this ugliness behind us, once and for all.

It’s time for Corey Stewart to RESIGN.

TBE: Anybody But Corey (ABC) – A Prince William County Perspective

From The Bull Elephant –

All I expect from a politician is they do what they said they would do, they are honest, and they have a solid moral compass. Is that really too much to ask?

For those of you who have children, a simple question could answer whether or not you should support a candidate…would you want candidate X to marry my daughter (or son)? If the answer is NO, I suggest you might be supporting the wrong candidate.

As a resident of Prince William County for 13 years, I would highly recommend you DO NOT vote for Corey Stewart to represent the Republican Party for the upcoming election for the Virginia Governor. Those of us in PWC who know Corey Stewart like to joke about how we love “election year Corey.” During the year before Mr. Stewart runs for re-election, he is the most solid conservative in the Commonwealth. As soon as the election is over, Mr. Stewart runs quickly to the left and becomes a solid liberal when voting as the Chairman. His philosophy has been that we, the commoners, will forget about all his liberal indiscretions and focus on his most recent conservative achievements. In other words, he believes the electorate has a very short memory.

Before I get too far into this article, I want to say I wish no ill on Corey Stewart. For those of you who have actually met him, you know he can be a very charming man; someone who would be fun to have a beer with. I wasn’t going to say anything negative about Mr. Stewart’s run for governor; I was going to give him a pass. However, “Reason #2” below recently pushed me over the edge on keeping my opinions to myself. And quite frankly, those of you who really don’t know him deserve to know who you may be cheering for.

Mr. Stewart likes to brag about how he has cut taxes in PWC and how low our taxes are compared to the rest of Northern Virginia. As a PWC resident, I have no idea what he’s talking about. PWC is the second highest county in the state when it comes to property tax rates; second only to Loudoun. The only reason our taxes appear to be lower than other Northern Virginia areas is because the price of our homes in PWC are much less than places such as Fairfax and Arlington; sometimes half the price. And personal property taxes are through the roof. Last year, my wife and I paid $1523 for our two American vehicles. That’s a cost of $127 a month to the County for the privilege of driving our vehicles. Recently, we traded one of our vehicles in for a purchase and this year we are projecting our tax bill to be around $1900 ($158 per month). Anytime a person considers buying a new car in PWC, they have to consider the monthly cost of paying the County. In addition, we have a dog tax, a burglar alarm response tax, a congestion relief tax (when you sell your home) and several other fun taxes.

For the record, any recent conservative achievements in PWC would have never come to fruition if it weren’t for the leadership and determination of Republican Supervisors Pete Candland, Jeanine Lawson, and Ruth Anderson. Yes, Mr. Stewart voted in favor of many of these recent achievements; however, in non-election years, these three are fighting hard against Chairman Stewart’s tax and spend tendencies.

If you truly are a conservative, here are three solid reasons (among many, many more) to keep Corey Stewart from the Governor’s Mansion:

Reason #1: A few years ago Mr. Stewart led the charge to raise property taxes in PWC by over 21% (4% a year) over a five year period. We were flabbergasted by Chairman Stewart’s defiance of his constituents who pleaded with him to not raise taxes. Thankfully, after two years, we got a reprieve by “election year Corey” and by the leadership of Pete Candland, Jeanine Lawson and Ruth Anderson. I can’t imagine Mr. Stewart being able to reduce taxes in Virginia when he couldn’t do it in PWC. He can’t help himself; he loves to tax and spend…ABC.

Reason #2: Mr. Stewart likes to attack Ed Gillespie for taking campaign contributions from big donors and he rails against wasteful spending. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Under Mr. Stewart’s “leadership,” there are millions and millions of dollars being wasted in PWC. As I write this article, Corey Stewart is leading the charge to build a stadium for a minor league baseball team in a very bad location. In a nutshell, this bad idea started with the construction funding coming from a $25 million check from the team’s owner, a $30 million dollar check from the developer, and $10 million coming from naming rights. Total = $65 million in 2012. Fast forward to 2017…under the current deal, the owner is now NOT writing the big check, the developer is NOT writing a check at all and the naming rights money will go to the team owner. The land will be owned by the developer, the stadium will be owned by the County (on leased land) and the 76 year old team owner will sign a 30 year payment plan to the County…all funded by taxpayers of PWC courtesy of, and orchestrated by the “leadership” of, Corey Stewart with the help of a few other libs who plan on issuing county bonds to fund it.

By the way, Mr. Stewart has just happened to have taken $140,000 in campaign donations from the team, the team’s owner and the original developer. Like many other scams perpetrated by some of our elected officials, the PWC taxpayers are getting fleeced again by Mr. Stewart and his band of libs…is this who you want to be our next Governor?…ABC.

Reason #3. Woodbridge, Virginia has a Democratic County Supervisor who was up for re-election to a 3rd term in 2015. Woodbridge is a heavily populated Democratic area in eastern Prince William, but the supervisor was very weak and had made some big mistakes during his time in office. He could have been beaten, but no one wanted to challenge him. Then one day, one year before the election, a very good candidate popped up and was willing to run against the incumbent.

Everyone in the GOP Committee was happy. Many of us thought we had a chance to take another seat from the Democrats. Then, four months later, out of nowhere some guy came to a GOP meeting and announced he was running for Woodbridge Supervisor…WHAT???!!! Who is this guy? And why is Corey Stewart the only person in the room wearing his campaign sticker and backing this guy? As it turns out, this candidate, according to multiple sources, had the most sordid background you could imagine. His reported indiscretions were the kind that normally forced U.S. Senators and Congressmen from office. There were court documents posted on the internet and eye witness testimony to corroborate the indiscretions. On top of that, the candidate had just moved into a Woodbridge apartment from another area. Could it get any worse? The next thing that surfaced was a disgusting rap video made by Stewart’s candidate starring him (the candidate) and a “female friend”…you can’t make this stuff up! This guy didn’t have a chance to win in the general. So why would Corey Stewart be backing this guy? When primary day arrived, it got worse for the candidate. The “female friend’s” ex-husband showed up with a big sign that read, “A VOTE FOR XXXXX XXXXXXX IS A VOTE FOR ADULTERY!” The candidate and his helpers had been handing out endorsement flyers by Corey Stewart all morning. By noon, the candidate was desperately running around trying to talk people into voting for him; it wasn’t working. All of a sudden, a bunch of people showed up with lists of voters and they were seen making phone calls from the lists. Within 30 minutes cars started showing up left and right. By the time the polls closed, Stewart’s candidate won the primary by approximately 100 votes. Of course he went on to lose the general election. Stewart’s candidate got 30% of the vote and 10% were write-ins. Instead of Mr. Stewart backing a family man, a man with integrity, and a man with a chance to win a new seat on the Board of County Supervisors, he foisted his broken and seriously flawed candidate on us, and we lost the seat. To this day, people do not understand why.

Is this who you want in the Governor’s Mansion?…ABC.

For those of you who are not aware, it’s very important to point out that we have a 6-2 Republican majority in PWC on the Board of County Supervisors. If Corey Stewart were a real leader and conservative, PWC would be a conservative utopia. Instead, he and a few other RINOs have run the County into the ground and now we are starting to be overrun by Democrats and their votes. We’ve already lost the School Board and most recently the Clerk of the Court. Thanks to Corey Stewart’s “leadership,” I fear we will possibly lose the Board of Supervisors. After watching him for the past several years, it wouldn’t shock me if Mr. Stewart ran as a Democrat in the next county supervisor election.

Now for many of you who have fallen for Mr. Stewart’s charm (and false statements), this article is going to be a big slap in the face. I am not trying to make you feel silly or hurt your feelings, I am just trying to tell you Mr. Stewart isn’t who you think he is; and once again, you deserve to know it. It’s always upsetting to find out someone you really like isn’t who they say they are; sometimes the truth isn’t so pleasant. And for those of you who are firing up their keyboards and getting ready to pounce on me for being a __________ (you fill in the blank), I ask you to calm down and do your research. You’ll see for yourself who Corey Stewart really is, and why so many Prince William conservatives refuse to back him.

Virginia is a purple state turning blue. We can fight back and try to bring it back to a red state or we can continue to prop up bad candidates who turn off conservative voters. We need to pick the candidate this year who has the best chance of winning in November. Take it from a PWC resident who has kept up on its elected officials, Corey Stewart is NOT that person…ABC.

InsideNOVA: Editorial: Stewart takes a swipe at eastern Prince William County

From InsideNOVA

In recently arguing his case for more police officers (and perhaps higher taxes) in next year’s fiscal county budget, Prince William Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart also managed to perpetuate an unfortunate stereotype.

“It’s not just in Woodbridge or Dale City, it’s not just in places where people would think these things would occur,” Stewart said of what he perceives as a spike in crime. “They are happening in the western end of the county.”

Really, Mr. Stewart? We expect rape, robbery and murder on the east end but not the west end?
He might as well have called it “Hoodbridge,” that embarrassing nickname that started who knows where, but it seems to have stuck.

Stewart called a press conference earlier this month to make his case that crime is on the rise, and mentioned two recent high-profile incidents – the execution-style shooting death of 21-year-old Glenda Coca-Romero at Platanillos Grocery in Woodbridge and a gang fight at Potomac Mills mall.

We’re going to agree with Stewart on the slaying at Platanillos. It’s a crime brazen and cold-blooded, with no known motive. It should shock and frighten us.

The fight at Potomac Mills, which originally went out on social media as shots fired at the mall, was quickly found to be nothing more than a brawl among teens at the food court. No shots were fired, no weapons at all were seen on surveillance video, no one was seriously injured and three youths were quickly arrested.

At his news conference, Stewart neglected to mention a more serious and disturbing gang-related attack at Manassas Mall in February, in which a teenager was cornered and slashed repeatedly with pocketknives. While the mall sits right on the border with Manassas, it’s in Prince William, and county police quickly made several arrests in the case, just as they did in the Potomac Mills fight.

Police say they don’t crunch the numbers to analyze crime between east and west, but calls for service are higher in eastern Prince William, due to the higher population and housing density.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, almost 214,000 of Prince William County’s approximately 402,000 residents live in Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, Woodbridge, Triangle, Dumfries and Quantico.

While all of us should be concerned about violence in Prince William County, we can’t help but think Stewart called the press conference just to do a little political grandstanding, and perhaps scare us into accepting higher property taxes.

Stewart didn’t invite county police Chief Steve Hudson to his press conference. In fact, police say they didn’t even know he was having a press conference until one of our reporters called to ask about it.

Stewart can try to stir fear if he wants, but in reality crime here is at a 15-year low, police statistics show. Thanks to social media, we’re just more aware of it.

Bearing Drift – The Richmond Screwjob: How Corey Stewart (Almost) Sold His Endorsement for $85,000

From Bearing Drift

After Stewart had given Snyder’s team the endorsement, a funny thing happened. Patrick Lee (check your cell phones) marched up to the Snyder press box and made an additional demand… of $85,000 cash to cover Corey Stewart’s campaign expenses.

Snyder staffers were baffled. Hadn’t Corey Stewart already given his word? Patrick Lee repeated the demand, saying that Stewart staff had not been paid up and so forth.

Snyder staffers did the right thing — they said the endorsement was already given and they expected Stewart to keep their word.

What happened next could only be described as the “Richmond Screwjob” as Patrick Lee ran from the Snyder box shouting “No deal! Stewart did *not* endorse Snyder!!”

Willie Deutsch – Prince William Activists Agree: Corey Stewart is Not a Tea Party Candidate

From Willie Deutsch

Throughout the summer of 2012 extensive time was spent on Virginia Virtucon, and the Sheriff of Nottingham discussing the corruption and tax hikes of the the Prince William Co. Board of Supervisors. While Corey Stewart is not directly responsible for the culture of corruption that existed on the Prince William Co. Board, he certainly allowed it to happen, and did nothing about it until Peter Candland forced him to address the issue in 2012.

In many respects, Corey has been a solid Chairman. He has helped grow the county, and increase public safety. Because of the fact that he has been a very good chairman, many of the activists in Prince William Co. haven’t felt the need or desire to go after him. Plenty of information is publicly available, if any activists or campaigns were interested in researching his record.

When the Va Tea Party Federation announced that they were endorsing Corey Stewart, conservatives in Prince William County were astonished. Corey Stewart has been known for a pragmatic governing style, eyeing how he can move up the ladder, and being well funded by developers in the county. Until yesterday, Tea Party had never been used as a descriptor for Corey Stewart in Republican circles.

The response by conservatives was swift.

Tito Munoz quickly excoriated Corey Stewart in a well researched piece for caring more about helping his developer friends than private property rights:

Corey Stewart used all the power and authority of the local government and led the Board of County Supervisors in violating the rights of the Holly Acres community.

Throughout the ordeal, residents were displaced from their homes and many individuals had their Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights violated. Corey Stewart should have defended their rights, but instead he proved he does not stand in defense of the constitutional rights for all citizens — and therefore Stewart is unfit to serve as our candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Voters need to inform themselves as to who Corey Stewart really is. Uninformed voters are a problem for the preservation of true liberty in America.

Greg Leticeq wrote a very balanced post that detailed the corruption of the board and fishy tax and spend policies of Corey Stewart which he finished with:

There are legitimate reasons to support Corey Stewart for Lieutenant Governor — crime has decreased, we made some strong progress in discouraging illegal aliens from unlawfully residing in the county, and the tax and spending problems we have could have been considerably worse under a different chairman. Stewart brings a proven fund-raiser to the statewide ticket as well, which is a positive for the ticket. I’d still feel a lot more comfortable about a campaign from him that didn’t depend on twisting the realities we face in the county and ignoring some of the corrupt government practices we still haven’t been able to put an end to.

If we’re talking about core Tea Party concerns like lower taxes, smaller government and adherence to the Constitution I can’t see why in the world anyone would think Corey Stewart is the standard-bearer on those issues. He might not be the worst in that regard, but he certainly isn’t the best by any objective measure. Any endorsement by the Virginia Tea Party Patriots going forward has become utterly meaningless, and they have done themselves considerable harm to their reputation in doing this.

Many conservatives were wondering how someone with Stewart’s record could get the Tea Party endorsement. That answer became clear when Nancy Schiffman, the head of the Tea Party Patriots group in Prince William Co. sent out an email detailing the process used by the organization.

Dear PWCTPP Delegate:

The Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation completed a vetting of the candidates for LT. Governor and Attorney General on Saturday, April 27, 2013. After getting feedback from participants, we believe the process was flawed. It didn’t take into account the candidate’s voting records or public records of those candidates that had not held office. It focused on unlikely scenarios, and asked candidates who were their favorite philosopher and economist. It did not address issues.

Therefore, the Prince William Tea Party Patriots does not support the vetting process. We will not endorse any candidate for Lt. Governor or Attorney General recommended by the Federation. Please feel free to vote your conscious at the Republican Convention on May 18, 2013.

Nancy Schiffman
Chairwoman, PWCTPP for the Board of Directors

Apparently they didn’t press candidates on their records, something the VA Tea Party has confirmed. Josh Huffman, a longtime Tea Party leader and Ron Paul supporter has a very pointed critique of the process.

Here’s the thing, as Chris Beer points out, conservatives in PWC know Corey and aren’t supporting him for very specific reasons. That should have made Tea Party leaders pause.

Corey has talked a very conservative game on nearly every issue, and from what I’ve been told, none of the Powers That Be in the statewide Federation were from Prince William County or have a history with Corey past this particular candidacy. The truth remains that most conservatives in Prince William County are supporting Scott Lingamfelter and the Ron Paulers in the county, from what I understand, are backing Susan Stimpson.

I could go through the list of conservative leaders in the county, most of them are supporting Lingamfelter, the rest are supporting Stimpson, and barely anyone is supporting Corey. The Tea Party Federation should have listened to them, and examined Corey’s record if they wanted to be taken seriously.

Seemingly, what decided the issue for some Tea Party leaders was the electability issue. While Corey had an impressive win in 2011, arguing that that will translate statewide is a bit of a misnomer. While Corey is a great campaigner, he has also been blessed with weak opponents and an incredibly ineffective Prince William Democrat Party.

There are two things that will make it very challenging for Corey Stewart to win state wide. The first issue is the Hispanic factor. There are Hispanics people in Northern Virginia who don’t want to be Republicans because of Corey Stewart. While we need to be tough on immigration, Corey’s almost anti-Hispanic attitude has driven many Hispanics in Northern Virginia away from the Republican party. The racial fire that Corey Stewart will come under state wide will make Macaca look like nothing. Before Stewart has the ability to define himself, the media and the DPVA will be portraying him as an anti-hispanic/immigrant person, and the race will be up hill from there. While I agree with many of the things Stewart has done, the tone and rhetoric he used to accomplish them, makes it very challenging for him to win a statewide general election.

The other issue that will impact his electability is the situations the Democrats are going to be tracking him in. I won’t be specific, but most people who know Corey know his propensity to be in situations that are embarrassing at best. The Democrats know it, and already have a plan to aggressively exploit those situations.

After Bolling correctly sided with the Republicans on organizing the State Senate, the Democrats are determined to take back the Lieutenant Governor’s office. Nominating someone with glaring flaws for the general election does not help us. If the Tea Party Federation had strong concerns with all the other candidates, they would have been better off endorsing nobody then endorsing Corey Stewart.

One parting thought… Isn’t the idea that a central group of people can deliver 1,000 unweighted delegate votes to whoever they support antithetical to the tea party?

Moonhowlings – Corey Stewart: A View from Prince William County – How They Really See You

From Moonhowlings

On another blog, in a time not so long ago, a little supervisor contacted all the dark masters to see what could be done to help him win an election. This time became known as The Dark Ages of Prince William County.

Yes, Corey Stewart, we are talking about YOU. Remember when you jumped on the Rule of Law bandwagon and went after everyone Latino? You didn’t just go after criminal illegal aliens. You went after everybody. You actions tore at the very fabric of our community. You rubber stamped thousands of homes to be built while targetting those who came to our community seeking work in the building industry. You meanwhile lined your war chest with developer money.

You used immigration to your own political gain, inciting a county rather than seeking sensible solutions. You made promises that could not be kept, knowing that what you said could not be implemented. You back-stabbed your colleagues on the Board of Supervisors by giving their emails to local bloggers. You allowed the police chief to be called a traitor by your blogger buddies. His “sin” was meeting with immigrants and Latino community leaders to explain the new changes and to reassure them that they would not be profiled. The BOCS had directed him to do this. Chief Deane deserved better.

Your Rule of Law Resolution that you chest thumped so hard about allowed probable cause to be used to intimidate immigrants. Even though you declared probable cause would change over ‘your dead body,’ it did change and you tried to obfuscate the situation and claim that you supported the new Rule of Law all along. This new rule was ushed in by supervisors who had had time to think about what was being done. In the end, anyone arrested had their status checked, a far cry from random checks that happen when ‘probable cause’ is the law of the land.

Now local Republicans have turned on you. I expect they see you as a candidate who lacks convictions. Your code of ethics seems to stop at anything that isn’t self-serving.

Corey, you divided a county for political gain. It seems now that much of the community has turned on you simply because you have made poor decisions. You pledged to keep part of our county rural, yet the minute you were in office you approved thousands of acres to be exempt from the rural crescent restrictions.

You really have kept your promises to no one. Good luck tomorrow. I doubt if you will get much support from those of us in the ‘hood. I hope you aren’t counting on the Latino vote. The people of Prince William County have long memories. Virginians don’t take to betrayals real well.

Willie Deutsch – Corey Stewart Continues to Skirt the Law in Upcoming Jackson Attacks

From Willie Deutsch

In March we had two waves of anonymous attacks on Scott Lingamfelter followed by some anonymous attacks on Snyder which Jim Riley rather convincingly tied to Stewart. The beginning of this month two sets of mailers went out under the name of a defunct group named Virginians for Limited Government, attacking many of the candidates and promoting Stewart. In this situation it was obvious who the mailers were from, and the anonymous attacks continued. Breitbart ran an article highlighting the highly questionable legality of the Virginians for Limited Government attack pieces.

Now, this is something important to remember, the only people with original access to the addresses, phone numbers, and emails of convention delegates are the campaigns. So any third party groups contacting convention delegates got their list from a campaign.

Over the weekend, Stewart’s newest line of attack was revealed. He sees E.W. Jackson as a threat, and has been trying to get people to attack E.W. based on his past bankruptcies.

As I started researching the Stewart campaigns effort to discredit Jackson based on his financial history, I discovered something even more disturbing. Multiple sources confirmed to me that over the weekend Corey Stewart personally contacted third party groups offering to pay the $12,000.00 if they would send out a $10,000.00 mailer to the convention delegates attacking E.W. for his financial history. While I am told, that Stewart was turned down by some, I am also told he eventually found someone who agreed. If you find an anonymous mailer in your mailbox right before the convention, or even after the convention, if the mailer gets stuck in the mail, you will know who it is from.

While I both trust my sources, and generally hate anonymous blog commenters, I find it interesting that while I was working on verifying sources for this article, an anonymous commenter named, TheGipper, started posting essentially the same story on multiple blogs.

I won’t attempt to be a state campaign law expert, but it sure seems like what Corey has been doing with the anonymous videos/calls, the VLG mailer, and the Jackson attack line is skirting the law. Virginia’s campaign finance system is built on unlimited money but absolute transparency in disclosing expenditures and donors. When organizations and campaigns are working hard to conceal donors and expenditures, it sure seems like they are undermining the purpose and premise of the state’s campaign finance system.

Virginia Virtucon – Board of Elections Confirms Complaints Against Stewart Alleging Campaign Law Violations; VLG Treasurer Resigns

From Virginia Virtucon –


Things just progressed to a whole new level here. The Virginia State Board of Elections has confirmed receipt of at least two complaints filed against the campaign of LG hopeful Corey Stewart alleging violations of state campaign finance laws. (Here’s a recap of what we know so far.) The allegations stem from connections between the Stewart campaign and a group calling itself Virginians for Limited Government.

Virtucon has received late word that VLG’s treasurer resigned effective May 14 upon completing the organization’s tax returns. From accounts we have gathered, he sought to resign upon seeing the mailings that the organization was sending out (as he apparently was not part of the decision-making process), but stayed to complete the tax filings.

With these filed complaints, a loss on Saturday at the RPV convention may not be the last we’ve heard of the Stewart for Lt. Governor campaign.