AntiBVBL: Finally, Corey speaks his heart, it’s about ethnicity, NOT legality

From AntiBVBL –

“The resolution is clearly working,” said Corey A. Stewart (R-At Large), chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. “It is driving down the non-English-speaking portion of the schools and saving us millions of dollars. They’re going to other jurisdictions and costing them money.”

So, Corey finally speaks his mind! How does he know who is “illegal” and who is “legal”? But one thing we know for sure, we sure are happy to be rid of ANY Non-English speaking children REGARDLESS.

How does he factually arrive at his number of saving millions? Has the school system given him that number of 6 million saved, or wait, let me just throw this nugget out, maybe, just maybe, it was his buddy Greg whispering in his ear.

What I wonder is though, why isn’t Corey also taking responsibility for the added financial stress this county is in compared to surrounding counties? I guess all these families must have been homeless and never bought any good or services in Prince William.