Moonhowlings: Stewart proposes ‘entitlement cuts’ rather than reducing defense spending

From Moonhowlings

Corey Stewart is apparently wants to save all defense spending while taking a chainsaw to Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. His latest email blast in his bid for Lt. Governor is shocking! His own words:

There is no question our Federal Budget has ballooned to epic proportions, but arbitrarily slashing defense spending is the wrong way to try and reduce the federal deficit.

90,000 civilian Department of Defense employees will be furloughed; this alone will be a $648.8 million hit to the economy of Virginia.

If Washington wants to get serious about reigning in spending, they must go after entitlements. Entitlement programs currently occupy 62% of our federal budget, with 44% of that being comprised of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Those programs are increasing beyond the rate of inflation and, when combined with Obamacare, will eat up 18.5% of our national economic output.

Did he really use the words “go after?” Does he realize that many senior citizens have only Social Security to rely on? Is he declaring a war on senior citizens and the poor? It sure sounds like it.

Any senior citizen in Virginia who casts a vote for Corey Stewart is voting themselves right in the poor house.

Those were Corey’s own words. He has shown his disregard for the vintage population.

Yes, the sequestration is is dangerous to the economy and scary, but turning on senior citizens is not the answer to spending cuts. Turning on the poor is not the answer either. Additionally, a large chunk of medicaid goes to seniors in rehab facilities once their own income has run out.

Corey is randomly stabbing at anything he thinks will get him elected. His email showed knee-jerk reaction, not a well-thought out plan for Virginia to help us through difficult financial times. This time he has gone after senior citizens. Corey seems to have no problem being “The Man” against immigrants, the poor, and the elderly. Shame on you, Corey! Shame on you.