Moonhowlings: Corey goes to Cirque du CPAC: the model of just “hanging out with the bros”

It seems that when Cirque du CPAC came to town, Corey bought a ring side seat as well as setting up his own private sideshow.

I hope this is a do as I say, not as I do lesson from Mr. Stewart. I really want to know where he goes to hang out with the bros and the hombres here in Prince William County.

I simply don’t believe it has happened. He doesn’t hang out with minorities. Now just what would he tell them? Would he tell them about how he “led the charge” to run illegal immigrants out of the county? Would he tell them how he has bragged everywhere there is a mic about how forceful he is? Would he share with them how he has manipulated [read LIED] crime facts and figures to indicate how much crime was diminished since he, Corey Stewart, ran off all the ” illegals?” I just bet they were all impressed. NOT!