Bearing Drift – Tito Munoz: PWC’s Corey Stewart Unfit for LG



Preserving property rights is central to our values as conservatives and Republicans.Working as followers and practitioners of limited government is primary for conservatives who want to show the contrast from big government.

Corey Stewart used all the power and authority of the local government and led the Board of County Supervisors in violating the rights of the Holly Acres community.

Throughout the ordeal, residents were displaced from their homes and many individuals had their Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights violated. Corey Stewart should have defended their rights, but instead he proved he does not stand in defense of the constitutional rights for all citizens — and therefore Stewart is unfit to serve as our candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Voters need to inform themselves as to who Corey Stewart really is.  Uninformed voters are a problem for the preservation of true liberty in America.