Moonhowlings – Corey Stewart: A View from Prince William County – How They Really See You

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On another blog, in a time not so long ago, a little supervisor contacted all the dark masters to see what could be done to help him win an election. This time became known as The Dark Ages of Prince William County.

Yes, Corey Stewart, we are talking about YOU. Remember when you jumped on the Rule of Law bandwagon and went after everyone Latino? You didn’t just go after criminal illegal aliens. You went after everybody. You actions tore at the very fabric of our community. You rubber stamped thousands of homes to be built while targetting those who came to our community seeking work in the building industry. You meanwhile lined your war chest with developer money.

You used immigration to your own political gain, inciting a county rather than seeking sensible solutions. You made promises that could not be kept, knowing that what you said could not be implemented. You back-stabbed your colleagues on the Board of Supervisors by giving their emails to local bloggers. You allowed the police chief to be called a traitor by your blogger buddies. His “sin” was meeting with immigrants and Latino community leaders to explain the new changes and to reassure them that they would not be profiled. The BOCS had directed him to do this. Chief Deane deserved better.

Your Rule of Law Resolution that you chest thumped so hard about allowed probable cause to be used to intimidate immigrants. Even though you declared probable cause would change over ‘your dead body,’ it did change and you tried to obfuscate the situation and claim that you supported the new Rule of Law all along. This new rule was ushed in by supervisors who had had time to think about what was being done. In the end, anyone arrested had their status checked, a far cry from random checks that happen when ‘probable cause’ is the law of the land.

Now local Republicans have turned on you. I expect they see you as a candidate who lacks convictions. Your code of ethics seems to stop at anything that isn’t self-serving.

Corey, you divided a county for political gain. It seems now that much of the community has turned on you simply because you have made poor decisions. You pledged to keep part of our county rural, yet the minute you were in office you approved thousands of acres to be exempt from the rural crescent restrictions.

You really have kept your promises to no one. Good luck tomorrow. I doubt if you will get much support from those of us in the ‘hood. I hope you aren’t counting on the Latino vote. The people of Prince William County have long memories. Virginians don’t take to betrayals real well.

Moonhowlings: Corey goes to Cirque du CPAC: the model of just “hanging out with the bros”

It seems that when Cirque du CPAC came to town, Corey bought a ring side seat as well as setting up his own private sideshow.

I hope this is a do as I say, not as I do lesson from Mr. Stewart. I really want to know where he goes to hang out with the bros and the hombres here in Prince William County.

I simply don’t believe it has happened. He doesn’t hang out with minorities. Now just what would he tell them? Would he tell them about how he “led the charge” to run illegal immigrants out of the county? Would he tell them how he has bragged everywhere there is a mic about how forceful he is? Would he share with them how he has manipulated [read LIED] crime facts and figures to indicate how much crime was diminished since he, Corey Stewart, ran off all the ” illegals?” I just bet they were all impressed. NOT!

Moonhowlings: Stewart proposes ‘entitlement cuts’ rather than reducing defense spending

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Corey Stewart is apparently wants to save all defense spending while taking a chainsaw to Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. His latest email blast in his bid for Lt. Governor is shocking! His own words:

There is no question our Federal Budget has ballooned to epic proportions, but arbitrarily slashing defense spending is the wrong way to try and reduce the federal deficit.

90,000 civilian Department of Defense employees will be furloughed; this alone will be a $648.8 million hit to the economy of Virginia.

If Washington wants to get serious about reigning in spending, they must go after entitlements. Entitlement programs currently occupy 62% of our federal budget, with 44% of that being comprised of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Those programs are increasing beyond the rate of inflation and, when combined with Obamacare, will eat up 18.5% of our national economic output.

Did he really use the words “go after?” Does he realize that many senior citizens have only Social Security to rely on? Is he declaring a war on senior citizens and the poor? It sure sounds like it.

Any senior citizen in Virginia who casts a vote for Corey Stewart is voting themselves right in the poor house.

Those were Corey’s own words. He has shown his disregard for the vintage population.

Yes, the sequestration is is dangerous to the economy and scary, but turning on senior citizens is not the answer to spending cuts. Turning on the poor is not the answer either. Additionally, a large chunk of medicaid goes to seniors in rehab facilities once their own income has run out.

Corey is randomly stabbing at anything he thinks will get him elected. His email showed knee-jerk reaction, not a well-thought out plan for Virginia to help us through difficult financial times. This time he has gone after senior citizens. Corey seems to have no problem being “The Man” against immigrants, the poor, and the elderly. Shame on you, Corey! Shame on you.

Moonhowlings: PWC Board of Supervisors for Sale to Highest Bidder

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The “News and Messenger” reported Tuesday that Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart and another unnamed supervisor are “concerned” about a ruling of the Zoning Administrator.

According to the N&M article, the Army has awarded a contract to the firm Spectrum, which is constructing a facility in an office park near Dumfries to provide healthcare services for members of the military and their families. Healthcare services for our men and women in uniform and their families, and additional facilities to serve the needs of the new military families relocating to Eastern Prince William County because of BRAC sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Not to everyone.

A competing firm with facilities already located in the area, CRAssociates (CRA), is objecting on the basis that Spectrum will have a dispensary in its facility, which CRA characterizes as a retail pharmacy. Retail pharmacies are prohibited in the proffers for the office park where Spectrum is constructing its facility. The County Zoning Administrator has already ruled that Spectrum’s dispensary will be an allowed ancillary use at its facility and will not be a retail pharmacy, along the lines of a Rite-Aid or CVS. Thus, the facility Spectrum is constructing and plans to open next summer complies with County zoning and proffers for the area.

So why are Chairman Stewart and another unnamed supervisor “concerned” about the Zoning Administrator’s ruling and going to bat for CRA?

Consider this. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, CRA and its CEO Charles H. Robbins have given Chairman Stewart $7,500 in campaign donations. Supervisor Nohe has received $3,000 and Supervisor Jenkins has received $2,060.

In my view, this incident represents influence-peddling of the worst kind. The Zoning Administrator has ruled and that ruling is contrary to the interests of a campaign donor. Thus, Chairman Stewart and another supervisor are intervening on behalf of that campaign donor. In the first place, the County’s job is to ensure all businesses comply with applicable zonings, regulations and rules only. The Zoning Administrator has done that.

The job of the County Government is not to intervene in the free market on behalf of campaign donors. I thought Mr. Stewart considered himself a conservative and a supporter of the free market. He’s certainly not practicing those beliefs here. He’s using the power of his office to intervene in the free market and practicing blatant corporate cronyism to advance the interests of a business that helped finance his campaigns.

In the second place, this misguided meddling in the free market could deprive military service people and families of needed healthcare services. The N&M article quotes CRA’s CEO Robbins himself as saying that his facility serves only 27,000 of upwards of 280,000 patients who would be eligible. Given the size of that market it’s difficult to see why CRA is so afraid of another provider locating in Eastern Prince William County.

Here’s where we are in Prince William County. If you want something from the County Government, you just have to name the right price. Service goes to the highest bidder. The U.S. Army and Spectrum have not paid the requisite protection money and CRA has. Hopefully, some sun shining on this scheme will help bring about the right outcome.