Sheriff of Nottingham PWC – Stewart’s Macaca Moment

From PWC’s Sheriff of Nottingham


PWC Chairman Corey Stewart had, as in past tense, “HAD” a legitimate shot at being the GOP nominee for Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The only thing that stood between him and the brass ring on the Merry-Go-Round was himself. But politicians frequently make mistakes that cannot be undone, cannot be spun even by the best spinmeisters, and cannot be forgiven for the colossal stupidity of the mistake made.

The story unfolded while Stewart was being questioned during a public meeting with delegates. It was not that Mr. Stewart was ambushed, or hit with a question that was so obscure or uninteresting as to evoke an uninformed or mistakenly spontaneous response from Mr. Stewart.

On the contrary, the topic has been buzzing about so Mr. Stewart obviously had thought about the question — and about the best answer for it.

Given the response, The Sheriff knows how strange that sounds that this would be the best the Stewart brain trust could come up with — but it is true.

You can click on the link below to read the entire Breitbart Article on the questioning:


Here is the operative portions of the Q&A session:

Nordvig Question: “Do you agree with these ads and did you have any connection to them whatsoever for the record?”

Corey Stewart Answer: “Am I connected? Yes. I have donated money to that organization.”

Nordvig Question. “At least a couple of these candidates fought against these budget increases, specifically Steve Martin… The information on the flyer is not correct so this information is misleading. Will you do the right thing and publicly condemn these ads as false?”

Corey Stewart Answer: “No, I’m not going to do it. I play hardball. This is politics.”

Corey, that answer puts you in the running to be the next IRS Commissioner in the Obama Administration, or Director of the Department of Justice division overseeing wiretaps on the media, not to be the next Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
“I play hardball. This is politics.”
So no matter how untrue, how unfair, how goofy the allegation, it is all good because this is just politics. And politics is all about playing hardball.

Well, Corey, read the account in Virginia Virtucon.

But don’t worry, this is politics. This is hardball.

It may well be that the bought-off Tea Party group who endorsed Stewart can still pull him through the Convention. Conventions are very strange beasts to deal with and to understand.

But the task of saving Corey Stewart was made infinitely more difficult by Corey Stewart himself.

And you can hear his lapdog staff whispering in his ear, patting him on the back, and giving him one atta-boy after another. “That was great Cory. Way to go!”

The Stewart campaign recognized the drag of this issue among delegates, and provided an email this evening that attempted to color the verbal fohpah with rhetorical bullying.

Here is an excerpt:
“Virginians for Limited Government, (VLG) a conservative 501(c)(4) organization which has supported multiple conservative causes in Virginia, recently sent out mailers highlighting my record of cutting spending and taxes. These newspapers have insinuated that because I have supported conservative groups like VLG in the past means that I have therefore coordinated with them. That is not how the law operates, since “coordination” refers to coordinating expenditures, not fundraising.”
Mr. Stewart is leaping around on the head of a needle with this argument.

He seems to be arguing there is a legal distinction between him giving OR raising money for Virginians for Limited Government (VLG) — money that was used to fund attack pieces against his opponents –and that money being used to fund the attack mailers, and as the Chairman points out, the “mailers highlighting my record of cutting spending and taxes.”

To borrow Mr. Stewart’s own words from his email missive: “This is hogwash.”

The Chairman just laid down the proverbial gauntlet with this pledge:
“These attacks will not discourage me from storming into Richmond and winning the nomination at the convention on Saturday.”
The more likely scenario will be that Mr. Hardball himself will be sitting in the Chairman’s seat behind the Mahogany Wall at the McCoart next Tuesday ready to lash out at any and all of his perceived enemies. That is politics. That is hardball.

Sheriff of Nottingham PWC – Corey Stewart: “I Didn’t Do It, And I Know Nothing About It!”



Chairman Stewart is being accused of being behind a series of nasty video attacks against his opponents, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, and self-styled entrepreneur Pete Snyder. The videos themselves violate campaign statutes in the Commonwealth for failing to disclose who paid for them, and the content itself is clearly tainted, unfair, and dishonest.

For his part, Chairman Stewart adamantly denies any personal or campaign involvement, including his campaign staff whom he apparently believes are as lily white pure as the driven snow.

Critics point to highly damning circumstantial evidence, including citing the production techniques and signature setup of the videos that points strongly to a former campaign operative of the Chairman and an individual who worked in the public affairs office of Prince William County for a bit of time. Then there is the nagging issue of email addresses that are allegedly unique to specific former Stewart supporters and that were only used in reporting on required forms from the campaign.