The Derecho – A Reminder For Corey, Revisionist History Doesn’t Work Well In The Digital Age



I’m sure many of you get multiple copies of Corey’s e-mail blasts that are part and parcel of his soon to be failed quest for the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor. As is usually the case when it comes to Corey, those e-mail blasts frequently contain information or statements that are, to put it politely, intellectually dishonest. His latest e-mail blast takes that to another level.

The Derecho – Are Corey And The BOCS Feeling The Heat

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Its interesting that in the space of a few weeks he has gone from “Grow or Die” to supporting the Bi-County Parkway in its Eastern option.  If, as Corey asserts, the BOCS position is to support the Eastern alternative, then why did they vote to amend the Transportation Chapter of the Comp Plan to reflect the Western alternative.  Who’s really doing the Kabuki Dance or its modern alternative the Flip Flop, Richmond or the BOCS…