Virginia Conservative – Corey Stewart and the Truth

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the answer, … stems, not from desire to spread the truth, but from his (ie Corey Stewart’s) political ambitions. Is this quality of flexible morality something you desire of someone who seeks to lead us in Richmond?

Virginia Conservative hits the nail on the head!

Chairman Stewart will do and say anything to get elected. He was first elected as a smart growth Supervisor but once he found out that the developers were big campaign contributors he abandoned his original philosophy and now does their bidding.

He’s twisted his tax record trying to conform it to a ‘conservative’ perspective. He’s done the same with crime statistics, cherry picking what he wants to highlight and disregarding facts that don’t fit into his paradigm. I expect to a certain degree that is fair game in the political arena but shame on the public if they are duped by his spiel.

The Prince William delegation knows Stewart and aren’t voting for him. I hope delegates outside Prince William aren’t duped by his “persona”!