Virginia Virtucon – Board of Elections Confirms Complaints Against Stewart Alleging Campaign Law Violations; VLG Treasurer Resigns

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Things just progressed to a whole new level here. The Virginia State Board of Elections has confirmed receipt of at least two complaints filed against the campaign of LG hopeful Corey Stewart alleging violations of state campaign finance laws. (Here’s a recap of what we know so far.) The allegations stem from connections between the Stewart campaign and a group calling itself Virginians for Limited Government.

Virtucon has received late word that VLG’s treasurer resigned effective May 14 upon completing the organization’s tax returns. From accounts we have gathered, he sought to resign upon seeing the mailings that the organization was sending out (as he apparently was not part of the decision-making process), but stayed to complete the tax filings.

With these filed complaints, a loss on Saturday at the RPV convention may not be the last we’ve heard of the Stewart for Lt. Governor campaign.

Briebart – Another Pro-Stewart Mailer From Mysterious Group in VA GOP Race for Lt. Gov.


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Here we go again! Another mailer from Virginians for Limited Government which appears to be nothing more than a front group for Corey Stewart. Attempts to determine facts about this organization are running into roadblocks. According to the two articles written so far it appears the organization is not complying with regulations and are therefore illegal.

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