Moonhowlings – Corey Stewart: A View from Prince William County – How They Really See You

From Moonhowlings

On another blog, in a time not so long ago, a little supervisor contacted all the dark masters to see what could be done to help him win an election. This time became known as The Dark Ages of Prince William County.

Yes, Corey Stewart, we are talking about YOU. Remember when you jumped on the Rule of Law bandwagon and went after everyone Latino? You didn’t just go after criminal illegal aliens. You went after everybody. You actions tore at the very fabric of our community. You rubber stamped thousands of homes to be built while targetting those who came to our community seeking work in the building industry. You meanwhile lined your war chest with developer money.

You used immigration to your own political gain, inciting a county rather than seeking sensible solutions. You made promises that could not be kept, knowing that what you said could not be implemented. You back-stabbed your colleagues on the Board of Supervisors by giving their emails to local bloggers. You allowed the police chief to be called a traitor by your blogger buddies. His “sin” was meeting with immigrants and Latino community leaders to explain the new changes and to reassure them that they would not be profiled. The BOCS had directed him to do this. Chief Deane deserved better.

Your Rule of Law Resolution that you chest thumped so hard about allowed probable cause to be used to intimidate immigrants. Even though you declared probable cause would change over ‘your dead body,’ it did change and you tried to obfuscate the situation and claim that you supported the new Rule of Law all along. This new rule was ushed in by supervisors who had had time to think about what was being done. In the end, anyone arrested had their status checked, a far cry from random checks that happen when ‘probable cause’ is the law of the land.

Now local Republicans have turned on you. I expect they see you as a candidate who lacks convictions. Your code of ethics seems to stop at anything that isn’t self-serving.

Corey, you divided a county for political gain. It seems now that much of the community has turned on you simply because you have made poor decisions. You pledged to keep part of our county rural, yet the minute you were in office you approved thousands of acres to be exempt from the rural crescent restrictions.

You really have kept your promises to no one. Good luck tomorrow. I doubt if you will get much support from those of us in the ‘hood. I hope you aren’t counting on the Latino vote. The people of Prince William County have long memories. Virginians don’t take to betrayals real well.