Virginia Conservative – Corey Stewart and the Truth

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the answer, … stems, not from desire to spread the truth, but from his (ie Corey Stewart’s) political ambitions. Is this quality of flexible morality something you desire of someone who seeks to lead us in Richmond?

Virginia Conservative hits the nail on the head!

Chairman Stewart will do and say anything to get elected. He was first elected as a smart growth Supervisor but once he found out that the developers were big campaign contributors he abandoned his original philosophy and now does their bidding.

He’s twisted his tax record trying to conform it to a ‘conservative’ perspective. He’s done the same with crime statistics, cherry picking what he wants to highlight and disregarding facts that don’t fit into his paradigm. I expect to a certain degree that is fair game in the political arena but shame on the public if they are duped by his spiel.

The Prince William delegation knows Stewart and aren’t voting for him. I hope delegates outside Prince William aren’t duped by his “persona”!

Briebart – Another Pro-Stewart Mailer From Mysterious Group in VA GOP Race for Lt. Gov.


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Here we go again! Another mailer from Virginians for Limited Government which appears to be nothing more than a front group for Corey Stewart. Attempts to determine facts about this organization are running into roadblocks. According to the two articles written so far it appears the organization is not complying with regulations and are therefore illegal.

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Breitbart – More Run-of-the-Mill Dirty Tricks in Virginia GOP Race for Lt. Gov.

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Breitbart News has learned that a mysterious group called Virginians for Limited Government (VLG) recently sent out $11,851 of direct mail pieces favoring the candidacy of Corey Stewart and opposing the candidacies of Scott Lingamfelter, Steve Martin, and Jeanmarie Davis in the race for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor in an apparent violation of Virginia election law.

Virginia Right! – TEA Party Federation Needs to Rescind Their Corey Stewart Endorsement

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I have already posted on the fact that I cannot support Corey Stewart for Lt. Governor and now I call on the TEA Party Federation to rescind their endorsement.

The letter below shows the same thing my research turned up about Stewart and the reason that, in spite of the endorsement by the TEA Party Federation – a process that I was a part of – Conservatives should find another candidate to support.

Corey Stewart has far too much baggage and is not Conservative. I believe the TEA Party Federation was punked by the fake.

Virginia Virtucon – Martin Defends Himself, Blasts Corey Stewart’s Record on Taxes



Prince William record shows tax increases, which he supported. His claim of net tax cuts is based on a decline in property values.

This gets to an important issue. Let’s say that your home value goes down from one year to the next and your county board changes the tax rate so you pay the same amount in taxes in both years. Percentage-wise, wouldn’t that mean your taxes went up? After all, you are paying the same amount in taxes on something that is not worth what it was before.

Think of it this way. You buy something for $10 and pay 5% sales tax on it, which comes to 50 cents. Now let’s say that same something is on sale for $5 and you buy another one and with 5% sales tax you pay 25 cents in taxes. If you were to pay 50 cents in taxes on both, the sales tax on the second item would jump from 5% to 10%. Then they say that because you paid $10.50 for the first item (5% sales tax) and $5.50 for the second item that was on sale (10% sales tax) that you got a tax cut when in fact your taxes went up and in reality you only paid less because the value of the item itself went down.

The Derecho – A Reminder For Corey, Revisionist History Doesn’t Work Well In The Digital Age



I’m sure many of you get multiple copies of Corey’s e-mail blasts that are part and parcel of his soon to be failed quest for the GOP nomination for Lt. Governor. As is usually the case when it comes to Corey, those e-mail blasts frequently contain information or statements that are, to put it politely, intellectually dishonest. His latest e-mail blast takes that to another level.

Sheriff of Nottingham PWC – Corey Stewart: “I Didn’t Do It, And I Know Nothing About It!”



Chairman Stewart is being accused of being behind a series of nasty video attacks against his opponents, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, and self-styled entrepreneur Pete Snyder. The videos themselves violate campaign statutes in the Commonwealth for failing to disclose who paid for them, and the content itself is clearly tainted, unfair, and dishonest.

For his part, Chairman Stewart adamantly denies any personal or campaign involvement, including his campaign staff whom he apparently believes are as lily white pure as the driven snow.

Critics point to highly damning circumstantial evidence, including citing the production techniques and signature setup of the videos that points strongly to a former campaign operative of the Chairman and an individual who worked in the public affairs office of Prince William County for a bit of time. Then there is the nagging issue of email addresses that are allegedly unique to specific former Stewart supporters and that were only used in reporting on required forms from the campaign.